Life is full of stresses and strains. As we busy ourselves with our hectic lifestyles we can forget to care for the instrument that gets us from A to B and subject our bodies to stress, injury and imbalance.

Often, it's only when an injury strikes that we take stock and begin to care for our physical health. Sometimes it's as simple as long term bad habits that can cause discomfort. However, A truly balanced and harmonious body is better prepared to cope with life’s stresses and strains than imbalanced or injured one.

Many different conditions will benefit from osteopathy.  Whether you have a recent ankle injury, back pain, a long term sinus problem or even chronic asthma, osteopathy can help. Treatment is non-invasive and involves reducing strain on different parts of the body and restoring balance throughout.


Apart from broken bones or burns, many injuries and conditions will benefit from osteopathic treatment:

  • Sports or work injuries: acute strains, sprains, pulled muscles
  • Chronic injuries: low back pain, upper back pain, shoulder and neck pain
  • Postural strains: both acute and chronic such as repetitive strain injuries
  • TMJ (jaw) strains
  • Poor lymphatic drainage
  • Sinus problems: both acute and chronic
  • Injuries incurred from birth and birthing
  • Whiplash and whiplash-related injuries

What to expect

When you first visit an osteopath a full case history will be taken and then I will ask you to perform a simple series of movements. Using a highly developed sense of touch, called palpation, I will identify points of weakness, imbalance, or excessive strain throughout the body. I may need additional medical investigations such as x-rays. This allows for appropriate diagnosis and a suitable treatment plan to be developed. Each person is different and unique, so treatment is geared to you as an individual.

My site aims to provide you with information to help you decide if osteopathic treatment is for you. I hope you find it helpful and informative.  If you have any feedback or queries, don't hesitate to contact me.